Energy Storage, Genius Software & Renewable Energy Will Save the Day

Editor's Note: We were invited to take part in National Geographic's roundtable discussion, "Has Reliance on Fossil Fuels Irreversibly Damaged the Planet?" Here is our contribution to the discussion. By Lisa Cohn Everyday I have the honor of speaking with researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs creating disruptive technologies and programs that … [Read more...]

A Grid of Microgrids for Washington, DC?

peer and microgrids

The time has come to unleash full electric competition by creating a grid of microgrids, and the nation’s capital city is a good place to start, according to a new report. DC Public Power (DCPP), an organization pushing for local energy, proposes that the District of Columbia move away from what it describes as today's outmoded utility model and … [Read more...]

Internet of Things Will Speed up Shift to Microgrids…and Other Quick Microgrid News

Better, smarter, faster microgrids are coming, according to recent analysis from Frost & Sullivan -- but the capital required to implement the best-of-the-best is still a challenge for many communities. “The emergence of the Internet of Things will strengthen communication channels between machines and minimize human intervention, thereby … [Read more...]

Oregon’s First Step Toward Utilities Acquiring Energy Storage

Oregon Utilities Acquiring Energy Storage

A new law in Oregon will allow the state to take a first step toward investor-owned utilities acquiring energy storage by 2020. House Bill 2193 requires investor-owned utilities to procure one or more energy storage projects by 2020, says Dina Dubson Kelley, chief counsel, Renewable Northwest. "This law will provide valuable experience with … [Read more...]

Australian Group Studies How Neighborhood Microgrids Can Boost Solar Use

An Australian clean energy advocacy group has won government funding to look into how neighborhood microgrids can reduce limits on the amount of solar energy that households can generate and store. The Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL), which serves the community of Moreland in Melbourne, will investigate how microgrids would let … [Read more...]

Breathe Easier and Work Better in Today's Energy Efficient Buildings

Remember when energy efficient buildings were too tight and caused respiratory problems? Today just the opposite is true. Energy efficiency and better ventilation -- at a lower cost -- now can go hand and hand, according to a new study. Economic, Environmental and Health Implications of Enhanced Ventilation in Office Buildings finds that it's … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Could Cut Decarbonizing Costs by $2.8 Trillion

Energy efficiency can reduce the cost of decarbonizing the economies of the U.S. Brazil, China, Europe, India, and Mexico by up to $250 billion per year, according to a new report.“How Energy Efficiency Cuts Costs for a 2° C Future." The report estimates savings of $2.8 trillion by 2030 if the countries use a high energy efficiency pathway to … [Read more...]

Energy-Harvesting Sensors Eliminate the Need for Batteries in Some Applications

Energy-harvesting sensors that are made of fabric and eliminate the need for batteries in some applications are the focus of this podcast interview with Keith McMillen, CEO and founder of BeBop Sensors. Listen by clicking on the player above. McMillen's unique smart sensors--which grew out of his work creating musical instruments-can be used in … [Read more...]

What’s Behind Massachusetts and New York’s Top-Tier Ranking in State Energy Efficiency Scorecard?

What’s behind Massachusetts top ranking on the energy efficiency scorecard?  What can people learn from the ACEEE report and are there more ways to save on energy? Matthew Lanfear, CEO of Great Eastern Energy explains. On Oct. 21, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its 2015 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The … [Read more...]

U.S. Continues to Lead Global Microgrid Market: Navigant Research

The United States continues to lead the global microgrid market, according to the fourth quarter 2015 Microgrid Deployment Tracker released by Navigant Research. In all, the research firm identified 1,437 microgrids worldwide, totaling 13 GW in 100 countries. Of that, the U.S. leads the microgrid market with 673 projects or 4,800 MW, … [Read more...]