How Fast is the Microgrid Market Growing, Really?

microgrid market growing

Two respected research firms regularly analyze and forecast market growth for microgrids. Both agree that microgrids will grow at a rapid clip over the next five years. But how rapid? If you try to compare the findings from the two firms -- GTM Research and Navigant Research -- you might end up scratching your head. It’s a bit of an apples and … [Read more...]

NRDC Survey: NYC Businesses Still Blasting Their Air Conditioners with Doors Open

Stores in New York City continue blasting their air conditioners with doors wide open, even on the hottest days when electric reliability is in jeopardy. NRDC's Eric Goldstein explains. Many New York City retailers are continuing to blast their air conditioners with store doors wide open this summer, seven years after the New York City Council … [Read more...]

Update on Rulemaking Status of Emergency Backup Generators

emergency backup generators

Richard Friedman of McNees Wallace & Nurick explains what a recent court ruling on a federal emissions rule means to emergency backup generators used in demand response. For those operations that use emergency backup generators as part of a demand response program, a recent court decision will allow you to continue such use for up to a total … [Read more...]

Are PJM’s Auction Results for Efficiency and Demand Response a Trend?

PJM's auction, whose results were just announced, yielded more than 3,500 MW of capacity, including 1,247 MW of energy efficiency and 11,084 MW of demand response. PJM's acquisition of demand response was up slightly, while its acquisition of energy efficiency was down slightly. Does this mean that in the future, we'll see more and more demand … [Read more...]

Demo of Oncor Microgrid at Smart Cities Week; Timing Good for those Exploring NY Prize  

Schneider Electric and S&C Electric made a big splash earlier this year with their work on a first-of-a-kind microgrid, developed for Oncor in Texas. The project is now hitting the road, so to speak, with a demo on display Sept. 15-17 at Smart Cities Week in Washington, D.C. The demo, which includes video displays and a direct live feed … [Read more...]

Microgrid Controller Symposium

The Microgrid Controller Symposium will bring together microgrid controller developers, energy infrastructure decision makers, utility representatives, as well as state and national energy leaders. The goal is to introduce the latest developments in microgrid controller technology and standards, demonstrate functionality of existing microgrid … [Read more...]

Yes, Obama Said “Microgrids”…and Microgrid Loan Guarantees too

microgrid loan guarantees

It’s always a big deal when an energy resource, especially one that's just beginning to make commercial inroads, catches the attention of the highest office holder in the United States. Such was the case this week when President Barack Obama talked about microgrids in his keynote address before the National Clean Energy Summit in Las … [Read more...]

The 10 Questions to Ask When You Hear the Word “Microgrid”


As microgrids grow in popularity, suddenly all kinds of projects are described as microgrids, even if they are not quite. To figure out out if a microgrid is a microgrid, ask these questions outlined by Kaitlyn Bunker of the Rocky Mountain Institute.  Both SDG&E’s demonstration project in Borrego Springs, Calif., (recently heralded for … [Read more...]

Hawaii Foreign Trade Zone Microgrid Seeks Bids for Renewable Energy

The Hawaii Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 9 has posted a request for proposals that seeks bids for renewable energy to serve a microgrid. The FTZ, a state agency that works to increase international trading activity in Hawaii, seeks a contractor to design, construct, install, operate and maintain the renewable energy system. This seven-acre … [Read more...]

Is the Low-Carbon Microgrid Next?

low-carbon microgrid

Microgrids are being built for resiliency, for reliability, for security and even for community. So maybe now it’s time to start advancing the low-carbon microgrid too? If so, Siemens, Pacific Gas & Electric, and partners are ahead of the game with this week’s announcement of a low-carbon microgrid at Blue Lake Rancheria, a 100-acre Native … [Read more...]