Energy Efficiency Micronews: Schneider Electric, Montgomery County, Philips, ForceField Energy

This week in energy efficiency news... Schneider Electric was nominated for a BCTIA Technology Impact Award for its construction of a high-power MicroGrid Lab in Burnaby to facilitate the design and testing of Schneider Electric's revolutionary SE1 1500V platform for utility-scale solar plants. More about Schneider Electric's … [Read more...]

Americans ARE Worried about Climate Change – They Just Don't Realize It

In a recent report, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of the world’s top scientists, broke down the tangible impacts of climate change now, and what it could look like in the future if we don’t reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To say the least, the world’s top scientists are concerned. Contrast this concern … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency: Peacemaker in War on Coal?

Infusing more energy efficiency into the US economy could ease pressure on coal states that feel under attack by pending federal greenhouse gas rules, says a new study. The study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy outlines Called Change is in the Air: How States Can Harness Energy Efficiency to Strengthen the Economy and … [Read more...]

National Town Meeting on Demand Response to Include Microgrid Workshop May 19

Registration is open for the 2014 National Town Meeting on Demand Response and Smart Grid, which this year will include a special microgrid workshop. Attendees will come together May 19-21 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, D.C to hear from experts, learn about cutting edge topics, and discuss what is needed to move demand response and … [Read more...]

New York “REVs” Up Microgrid with Big Plan

A microgrid here, a solar panel somewhere over there, a little energy efficiency throughout. That’s been the kind of electric grid revolution we’ve seen so far – a leaves-floating -in-the-wind sort. But no more. At least not in New York. The bellwether state last week put forward a declaration that at last gathers the disparate pieces into … [Read more...]

Join Our New Group on LinkedIn: Microgrid Knowledge

We’re hearing about the emerging microgrid market at almost every turn. Major players are quickly moving into the microgrid space: engineering firms, energy service companies, power plant and transmission developers, manufacturers, control technology companies and others. They see a strong need for this technology in the US. Microgrids solve a … [Read more...]

Why We Should Focus on Air Leaks, Especially this One

Air leaks may not be the sexiest energy efficiency measure, but they waste a lot of energy. Here Steve Larson, of Larson Fan Company, describes a big home air leak and how to correct it. We are currently at the threshold of the green economy, which is just starting to get its act together, but is limited by the amount of money people and business … [Read more...]

Michigan Utility Seeks Bids in Energy Efficiency RFP

Lansing Board of Water & Light has issued an energy efficiency RFP for residential and business programs in its electric service territory. The Michigan utiliity seeks bids for the following energy optimization programs. Residential Low Income Residential High Efficiency Products Residential Appliance Turn in and Recycling Residential … [Read more...]

Microgrid: How the Military Connection Advances the Technology

When you think about it, the military’s interest in microgrid technology makes sense: With its need for facilities to stay powered all day every day, getting off the grid is critical. “Microgrids provide the military with energy security and reliability 24-7 and 365 days a year. They need power if the entire world disappears around them,” says … [Read more...]

Smart Grid Appliances: Risks and Challenges

Smart grid appliances offer opportunities for energy savings, but there are risks too. Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Thomas Blewitt, director of principal engineers for the appliance and lighting industries at Underwriters Laboratories about some of the challenges that may arise when new users adopt smart grid appliances for the first … [Read more...]