Logging Occupancy to Optimize Energy Use

Every occupant in a building creates demand for lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort, and electrical power. Lighting, heating, and cooling unoccupied spaces is a huge source of energy waste in buildings, and many studies have shown that building occupancy profiles have a significant impact on building energy use and operational controls. Closer … [Read more...]

Keep an Eye on Virginia: State Group Positions to Transform Energy Efficiency Market

It’s my home state so I’ll admit it, Virginia is no Massachusetts* when it comes to energy efficiency. The southeast state ranked a lowly 36 in the 2013 scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. But change is afoot here, as evidenced by the first-ever energy efficiency census report released today by the Virginia Energy … [Read more...]

Update on Virtual Power Plant Under ‘Construction’ in Virginia

Here’s the latest about a plan underway in Virginia to build a virtual power plant, the most read story on EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com in 2013. The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), a non-profit energy services company based in Charlottesville, VA, has structured an innovative way to launch the virtual or ‘community’ power plant through a … [Read more...]

Why California’s Energy Storage Law Is So Hard to Implement

Why is California's energy storage mandate so difficult to implement? In this podcast, we learn that the challenge stems from the fact that there are so many energy storage products available. How can they be priced? That process has just begun. Listen to our interview with Elliot Hinds, a partner with Akin Gump, to find out more. Read Lisa Cohn's … [Read more...]

Joule Assets Part 2: How to Achieve the Real Potential of Microgrid

Two topics keep cropping up in our conversations with energy efficiency insiders: 1) Joule Assets' new investment fund 2) Microgrid. So we recently brought the two together by asking Joule Assets CEO Mike Gordon about the investment potential for microgrid. Joule Assets made headlines in January with the launch of its $100 million Energy … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Progress by America's Utilities: An Update

Some people are surprised to learn that our electric and natural gas utilities spend billions of dollars a year to help customers need and use less energy. But helping people get more work out of less electricity and natural gas has long been a winning strategy for many of America’s hometown utilities – and a report released this week shows that … [Read more...]

Cities, Net Zero Buildings Help Drive Growth in Energy Efficiency: Report

Cities and net-zero buildings are helping drive the growth in energy efficiency, says Clean Edge in its annual "Clean Energy Trends" report. The report analyzes the industry's growth by sector in 2013, and includes a global market overview and statistics on investment, as well as corporate and project finance deals. "While many overarching energy … [Read more...]

Study: Saving Energy Really is Cheaper than Making it

Energy efficiency is a bargain, even less expensive than previously thought, according to recent findings by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The report says that energy efficiency costs about 2 cents/kWh for utility programs. An earlier study by the American Council for an Energy Efficient-Economy pegged the cost to be about 29 percent … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Investing Up: Three Reports Show Market Growth

Three recent reports show a range of energy efficiency markets on the rise, with demand-side management investment at a record level and demand response, smart building and nanogrid all growing. DSM spending, both gas and electric, reached a record $9.6 billion last year in the US and Canada,  according to the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. The … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Ameresco, EnerSys, Energi

This week in energy efficiency news… Ameresco says project construction is underway for the U.S. General Services Administration’s $45 million energy savings performance contract. The contract applies to two federal buildings within the GSA's National Capital Region outside of Washington, D.C. Ameresco is installing comprehensive energy … [Read more...]