Will Energy Storage Plus Solar Inspire Customers to Abandon Their Utilities Soon?

To hear the Rocky Mountain Institute tell the story, it’s not a question of whether utility customers will start defecting from their utilities in favor of off-grid solutions that involve energy storage and solar energy. It’s a question of when. Truth is, it’s already happening in Hawaii—where solar plus storage are cost-effective when compared to … [Read more...]

Indiana’s Energy Savings Goals under Legislative Assault

Energy efficiency is under attack at the Indiana Statehouse. While public attention has focused elsewhere, big utilities are quickly and quietly working to kill Indiana’s successful energy efficiency program and a two percent energy savings goal set in 2009 by the Governor Mitch Daniels Administration. Senate Bill 340 began as a bill to let … [Read more...]

US Electricity Sales Drop: Is it the Economy or Energy Efficiency?

For decades the US used more and more electricity. Then growth flat lined a few years ago. What caused the slowdown? Many credited (or blamed depending on your perspective) the economic collapse. But now, an analysis by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy indicates that in fact energy efficiency has played the bigger role. Energy … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: Retroficiency, PSNH, Plug Power

Retroficiency announced that Con Edison is using its Virtual Energy Assessment solution across thousands of buildings in New York City. With Virtual Energy Assessment, Con Edison will be able to target commercial and multi-family buildings with the greatest savings potential and engage customers with energy efficiency opportunities. Retroficiency … [Read more...]

The New Farm Bill, Energy Efficiency & Organic Farming

The Agriculture Act of 2014, signed into law on February 7, in many ways is an energy bill, with $881 million of the $956-billion bill going directly toward energy programs on agricultural lands. But less well known is the profound impact on energy efficiency of the bill’s organic farming provisions. By giving additional subsidies to organic … [Read more...]

NYSERDA Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Process Innovation and Market Transformation

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority seeks proposals for projects that develop, demonstrate or commercialize innovative radiation-cure technologies, comprising ultraviolet, visible light and/or electron beam, that provide an energy benefit to a manufacturing process in New York State. Proposals are due between April 30, 2014 … [Read more...]

Tampa Electric Issues RFP for Standby Generation, Communication and Billing

Tampa Electric is seeking proposals to modernize its Standby Generator Program  and to provide communication and billing services. The program, which targets  commercial and industrial customers, has been offered for more than 20 years, with many of Tampa Electric’s largest C&I customers participating . In times of high peak demand, program … [Read more...]

EPA’s Gina McCarthy to headline BuildingEnergy14

Gina McCarthy, the administrator for the US Environmental Protection Agency, will deliver opening remarks at the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s BuildingEnergy 14 conference on March 5 in Boston. McCarthy, who has been a central player in federal development of greenhouse gas emissions rules, will speak on upcoming EPA policies and … [Read more...]

Can Big Data Drive Manufacturing Energy Savings in Production Settings?

Most manufacturing managers understand the value of keeping close tabs on the amount of energy consumed in production. However, many plant managers struggle to pinpoint exactly what parts of their factories are energy hogs. There are numerous reasons manufacturers find it difficult to accurately measure their energy use, but chief among them is a … [Read more...]

Vermont to seek $6.5 million in private financing for thermal efficiency

The Vermont Public Service Department plans to issue a request for proposals soon seeking banks and credit unions to help finance an expanded thermal energy efficiency program. The state plans to invest $670,000 to leverage up to $6.5 million in private sector funds for residential efficiency and clean heating technologies. “Even though energy … [Read more...]