It’s Still MUSH for the Energy Service Companies

After two years of a difficult market, business appears to be reviving for energy service companies (ESCOs), according to a report by Navigant Research. Schools – from kindergarten through college – continue to be the prime source of contracts. Navigant forecasts schools will provide $22 billion in cumulative ESCO revenue from 2013 through … [Read more...]

From AESP Conference: Buyers Still Going for Incandescents

In Massachusetts, consumers aren't exactly racing to get their hands on efficient bulbs, even though some incandescents are no longer available. They're likely to purchase any incandescent instead of one of the newer, non-incandescent, efficient bulbs. A podcast interview with Wendy Todd, lead analyst with National Grid, reporting from the AESP … [Read more...]

How Opower Sells Energy Efficiency to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

It's hard to keep up with Ben Foster as he describes what it takes to sell energy efficiency to small and medium-sized businesses — customers of the utilities that Opower serves. Foster, vice present of product management for Opower—which just began serving National Grid and two other utilities—says it's all about finding the right person at the … [Read more...]

Can these 10 Cities Make a Dent in the Energy Efficiency Universe?

Call it a federation for our times. Ten big US cities have joined forces to figure out this energy efficiency thing and show the world how it’s done. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia and Salt Lake City announced their mission Wednesday: to achieve $1 billion annually in energy savings from … [Read more...]

ACEEE’s List of Top 10 Cities for Energy Efficiency

Here is a list of top 10 cities for energy efficiency, as designated by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Details about the ACEEE's analysis can be found here. 1. Boston 2. Portland, Ore. 3. New York City* 4. San Francisco* 5. Seattle* 6.  Austin 7. Washington, D.C. 8. Minneapolis 9. Chicago 10. Philadelphia *NYC, San … [Read more...]

FirstFuel: On-Site Audits and the Variability Challenge

Back in July, FirstFuel provided some commentary on the challenges associated with energy analysis variability, and the potential impact on sizing, prioritizing, and investing in commercial efficiency opportunities. Highly respected journals such as ASHRAE and Energy Engineering Journal have recently raised this issue, while other organizations are … [Read more...]

IDEA to Host Hundreds of Clean Energy Campus Leaders at its February 18-21 Conference in Atlanta

For many in the energy industry, the term “microgrid” is the next, new thing. For members of the International District Energy Association (IDEA), it’s a new term for a familiar approach the organization has fostered for over 105 years: district energy. IDEA’s 27th Annual Campus Energy Conference, titled, “Clean, Efficient & Resilient … [Read more...]

House Energy and Commerce Committee Okays Tenant Star Bill

The House Energy and Commerce Committee made its first move on energy efficiency in the 113th Congress with approval Jan 28 of a bill that would create a ‘Tenant Star’ program. The Better Buildings Act (H.R. 2126) would set energy efficiency standards for  those that rent space in commercial buildings. Tenants that meet the voluntary standards … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency MicroNews: ThinkEco and Friedrich, AutoGrid, Global Energy Efficiency Holdings, Metrus Energy, EaglePicher Technologies, WattJoule, Comverge

This week in energy efficiency news… ThinkEco and Friedrich have partnered to help utilities bring new customers into demand-side management programs. Beginning in summer 2014, utilities will be able to use ThinkEco’s platform and turnkey demand response services to incorporate connected Friedrich Kühlair conditioners directly into DR programs.  … [Read more...]

Asset Manager Sees Promising Year for Energy Efficiency Investments

Impax Asset Management Group, which manages $4 billion in assets for institutional and high net worth investors, is reporting that it sees the next 12 months as particularly promising for energy efficiency and other clean energy markets. Founder Ian Simm writes Jan. 28 in Investment News that it is more than a cyclical pickup. The drivers are … [Read more...]