A New Day for Energy Efficiency in North Carolina

The North Carolina Utilities Commission issued an important ruling this week that reaffirms the importance of energy efficiency as the fastest and cheapest way to reduce pollution from fossil fuels, protect the health of our families and promote our economy. The ruling approved a new “shared savings" program that allows Duke Energy to make … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Jobs Abound As Boomers Retire

Where are the jobs? You don't have to look far, when it comes to energy efficiency, says Suzanne Jones, vice president of sales and marketing for the Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP). In fact, filling the void created by retiring baby boomers is a big challenge for the industry. People are needed across the board, especially at … [Read more...]

Green Building Designs that Improve Worker Productivity

This is the 3rd article in a five-part editorial series, which explains how thermal energy storage along with energy harvesting and green building design principles can make your next commercial build more comfortable and energy efficient. Best of all, these building principles cost no more than conventional construction. This editorial series is … [Read more...]

What We Heard You Say…This Week’s Best and Worst Quotes about Energy Efficiency

Interesting quotes about energy efficiency we picked up this week. Best Warning Overhyped vision of the smart home  “It was almost like the Jetsons: 'Children who stick their fingers in an outlet will not get electrocuted!'” Larry Zarker, CEO Building Performance Institute, quoting old advertisements that hyped smart homes. Zarker called for … [Read more...]

Navigant Sees Growth for Home Energy Management, Vehicle-to-grid, Smart Thermostats…

Home energy management is catching on. It’s not happening quickly, but it is happening. So says a new report by Navigant Research. The report  forecasts that today’s HEM market of 4 million homes will steadily expand to 87 million homes in 2022. The figures include both stand-alone and networked systems. Navigant’s Home Energy Management report … [Read more...]

DCSEU Compliance and Contract Support Services

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) seeks a qualified firm to deliver compliance and contract support services. The DCSEU  helps D.C. residents, businesses, and institutions save energy and money through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Proposals are due by November 15, 2013. More on this energy efficiency … [Read more...]

MicroNews: Joule Assets, the Utility Analytics Institute, Building Performance Institute, Access Fixtures

MicroNews:  Joule Assets, the Utility Analytics Institute, Building Performance Institute, Access Fixtures  This week in energy efficiency news… Joule Assets is offering a set of financing solutions for energy efficiency contractors  to help small-to-midsized projects find financing. Joule Assets will be offering Energy Reduction Assets … [Read more...]

The Link Between Distributed Generation and Efficiency

As more distributed generation comes online, will we see more energy efficiency? The number of rooftop solar systems has increased dramatically. It makes most sense for solar users to focus on efficiency first, says Tom Hulsebosch, managing director, energy and utility practice, West Monroe Partners. This presents an opportunity for both energy … [Read more...]

Averting the Utility Death Spiral: GE’s Idea

It's odd the way we pay utilities, especially in an era when saving energy is so important. Utilities earn revenue based on their electricity sales. Yet we ask – or even demand – that they encourage customers to buy less electricity by using smart thermostats, efficient lighting, and the like. Few businesses find themselves in such an odd … [Read more...]

Busting through Energy Efficiency Hurdles with New Efficiency Financing Tool

What’s the best way to bust through the big barriers in energy efficiency and blow open the doors for more efficiency and its associated savings? First of all, it’s critical to guarantee the savings from projects. That opens the door for financing—one of the biggest challenges to boosting the numbers of efficiency projects. A new financing … [Read more...]