Best Kept Secrets about Wasting Energy: New Report Uncovers Cryptic Barriers

It turns out that we’re wasting energy in ways few of us could have imagined. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy details these “cryptic barriers to energy efficiency” in a new report. By now we’re all aware of the obvious energy wasters, like the pre-Energy Star refrigerator in the basement used just for beer, or the window air … [Read more...]

New Energy Code Proposal Could Save Consumers Billions…and Offer Flexibility and Simpler Compliance for Builders

By David Goldstein, co-director of the Energy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council NRDC and our allies at the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) are proposing a change to the 2015 national model residential energy code that, for the first time ever, brings the nation’s largest homebuilders together with energy efficiency … [Read more...]

What Was the Most Popular Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast in August?

What Was the Most Popular Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast This Month? Visitors to Energy Efficiency Markets can’t “see” how many people are listening to our podcasts.  In fact, most don’t understand that our listeners generally come from a number of places—including itunes--instead of only Energy Efficiency Markets. However, an informal … [Read more...]

Connecticut: Next Top Dog for Energy Efficiency?

Connecticut is back. Or at least it intends to be soon. The state that was once a leader in energy efficiency – but later lost its luster to neighboring Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont – has big plans for 2014. Dan Esty, commissioner of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, recently outlined the strategy to … [Read more...]

200 LEED Buildings For Bank: What Are Benefits?

LEED buildings boost productivity and attract customers, says PNC, a financial services bank that has just certified its 200th LEED building. The green buildings save on energy costs, boost productivity, and are customers' preferred place to bank, says Nana Wilbeforce, energy manager with PNC Realty Services Group, which maintains the buildings. In … [Read more...]

Residential PACE Energy Programs Pursue Innovative Approaches

By Kat Friedrich, Clean Energy Finance Center Although the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has created strict requirements for residential property-assessed clean energy (PACE) programs, a few states and cities are continuing to develop programs and pass legislation. PACE programs make it possible for homeowners to finance energy efficiency … [Read more...]

Business Suicide or Business Genius? Why NRG Energy Wants its Customers to Buy Less of its Product

NRG Energy is the largest power generation company in the United States. It makes its money – obviously – selling energy. So what’s its subsidiary, Reliant Energy, doing pushing the ThinkEco modlet, a product all about cutting back on energy use? Welcome to the new world of energy, where power companies are embracing those technologies that could … [Read more...]

If California Sets Energy Efficiency Standards for 15 Products, It Could Set the Bar for the Nation

By Pierre Delforge, Natural Resources Defense Council With roughly as many computers as people in California, we spend a staggering $700 million annually on the electricity needed to power them and their monitors. Imagine how much we could save on our utility bills if they didn’t waste energy even when we’re not using them. That’s right – many of … [Read more...]

Will Energy Storage Get A Boost From Natural Disasters?

  Energy Storage will get a boost as a result of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, says Ron MacDonald, former Canadian Parliament member and Executive Chairman of American Vanadium, which produces energy storage systems. Policymakers in New York State and elsewhere are improving their infrastructure systems, which will result in more … [Read more...]

Energy Storage: Calling All Systems Integrators

  With 29 different energy storage technologies now deployed worldwide, there is a need for system integrators to package these technologies in ways that are attractive to potential customers—including homeowners, utilities and developers. That’s the word from a new report from Navigant Research, “Energy Storage Tracker 3W13,” “Energy … [Read more...]