NYSERDA Will Issue AAA-Rated Bonds to Fund Energy Efficiency Loans

by Kat Friedrich, Clean Energy Finance Center Over $24 million in residential energy efficiency financing revenue bonds will be issued soon by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), according to a preliminary official statement released on July 23. NYSERDA treasurer Jeff Pitkin said in an e-mail that the bonds will … [Read more...]

Why You Can’t Always Trust Energy Efficiency Data

The energy efficiency  industry is mad for data, especially anything that will give insight into what spurs consumers to save energy or buy green products. But unfortunately, not all data is good data and some leads the industry astray. Take for example the oft-cited surveys that consumers are willing to pay more for green energy. This led several … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Deals & Projects: No Summer Vacation for the ESCOs!

It is summer vacation for a lot of people who work in the energy industry, but still the fast-growing energy efficiency market keeps producing deals and new projects. Here are a few from ESCOs and others. The State University of New York (SUNY) plans to incorporate energy-efficient information technology at its 64 campuses and make other … [Read more...]

Utilities Missing Big Opportunities to Reap Revenues

A report from Accenture Energy Consumer Services concludes that small and medium sized businesses want utilities to provide more products and services that could satisfy customers and reap revenues for utilities. Lisa Cohn of EnergyEfficiencyMarkets.com interviews Greg Guthridge, global managing director of Accenture Energy Consumer Services. … [Read more...]

Cutting Foreign Oil, Saving Lives With California Microgrid Projects: CEC Chairman Part 2

California microgrid projects are expected to cut the use of foreign oil and save lives, says Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of the California Energy Commission. The commission has awarded $1.7 million for a military microgrid demonstration project. This is Part 2 of our California microgrid projects interviews by Lisa Cohn. Subscribe to our podcast … [Read more...]

Millenials Party for Pre-paid Energy–And Its Savings

A competition asking New York University (NYU) students to create a campaign promoting pre-paid energy to the Millennial Generation yielded a big party. The winning students called for an event promoting pre-paid energy, a call to turn out the lights during the party, and lots of social media with messages intended to spur the Millennial … [Read more...]

Operational vs. Asset – Starting to Understand Building Energy Ratings

By Paul Gromer, CEO and Founder, Peregrine Energy Group Building energy rating systems seem to be proliferating, don’t they? National governments, local governments, even private organizations are getting in on the action. Each system is accompanied by informational colored graphs and numbers, earnest explanations, and always great fanfare. It’s … [Read more...]

Rising Market: Maine’s Energy Efficiency Spending Doubles Part II

Maine is achieving energy savings in many tried-and-true ways – weatherization, fuel switching and installation of high efficiency light bulbs. But the state also is not afraid to explore the new and promising. The Efficiency Maine Trust, an independent entity in charge of the state’s efficiency efforts, is test driving three up-and-coming … [Read more...]

Cutting Foreign Oil, Saving Lives and Other Benefits of California’s Microgrid Projects: CEC Chairman Part 1

Robert Weisenmiller, chairman of the California Energy Commission, hails the many benefits of California’s microgrid projects—including cutting foreign oil use and saving lives for the military. The commission has awarded $1.7 million for a military microgrid demonstration project. Part one of a two-part interview by Lisa Cohn. … [Read more...]

Rising Market: Maine’s Energy Efficiency Spending Doubles Part I

“Open for business,” says Maine’s government website. But it could say “Open for energy efficiency business," following a recent doubling of money available for core efficiency programs. State lawmakers increased funding for electric efficiency to about $21 million in an omnibus energy bill (LD 1559) that became law in late June. The change comes … [Read more...]