Energy Costs: How Come Granny is Still in Her Chair?

Granny was thrown out of her wheelchair and off a cliff in one of the most controversial ads of the 2012 US presidential election. Whether you love or hate the clip, which went after Republicans on Medicare, it shows the emotional tenor we bring to the debate over health care costs. Energy costs affect Granny at least as much – and everyone else … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Secrets of Better Buildings

Several corporate leaders have volunteered to reduce energy use 20 percent by 2020 as part of the Better Buildings Challenge initiated by President Barack Obama. But that’s not the big deal. The big deal is that they have agreed to publicly disclose how they’re doing it. Factories, data centers, stores and other large energy users often balk at … [Read more...]

Four Plus Ways to Boost Energy Efficiency Use

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Inara Scott, Assistant Professor at Oregon State University’s College of Business, who describes a study about what can be done to increase energy efficiency. What are the barriers and how can they be overcome? Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

What People Don’t Understand About LED Lighting

Lisa Cohn of interviews  Larry Rallo, LEDtronics business development manager, who discusses misconceptions about LED lights and what manufacturers and policy makers can do to fix this problem Follow our podcast feed or find us on itunes. … [Read more...]

Tracking Energy Use in Seattle’s Buildings

What is Seattle learning as it gathers energy-use information for its public buildings? Lisa Cohn of interviews Sandra Mallory, program manager for green building and resource conservation in Seattle's Office of Sustainability and Environment. The report comes as hundreds of private building owners report their energy use … [Read more...]

Food and sleep for energy auditors?

The US faces a bit of a math problem when it comes to making its buildings more energy efficient. If every energy auditor worked around the clock, it would take 22 years to analyze all buildings. And of course the audit is only step one. “At that point we wouldn’t have saved a single kilowatt-hour of energy,” said Mike Kaplan, vice president of … [Read more...]

Energy Scores for Appliances and Electronics, With Real-Time Features

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Matthias Kurwig, co-founder and CEO of Enervee, which provides an energy-smart scoring platform for appliances and electronics. Enervee just launched an integration with Amazon Marketplace. Now shoppers can obtain energy scores, real-time Amazon reviews and Amazon rankings to help them choose green … [Read more...]

Green enough for New York City?

By Elisa Wood June 3, 2013   When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office in January, green building advocates lose a strong ally. But they are determined to make sure his shoes are filled to their liking.   To that end, a coalition of environmental and real estate interests are asking candidates to endorse their plan, … [Read more...]