Why isn’t the Deep South green? Or is it?

By Elisa Wood August 30, 2012 Everyone is seeking the elusive killer app that will revolutionize energy. Most expect it to be a high tech gadget, or new form of generation or a way to finally store mass quantities of electricity. Not anthropologist Susan Mazur-Stommen. She’s looking in a completely different place: inside our heads, or more … [Read more...]

What Investors Look For In Digital CleanTech Part 1

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters interviews Rachel Barge, partner at Greenstart, a seed investor for cleantech startups, about its latest round of funding--and what the company seeks in cleantech software companies.   What Investors Look For In Digital CleanTech Part 1 ] … [Read more...]

A new twist in the energy efficiency story

By Elisa Wood August 22, 2012 Blend a little new energy tech with a pinch of behavioral psychology and you’re bound to get something unexpected. Consider what happened when New York City-based ThinkEco recently lead a four-month energy challenge for international industrial packaging company Greif. The goal, of course, was to save energy. … [Read more...]

Why Energy Is a Hot Topic In This Year’s Election Part 1

Elisa Wood, author of the popular “Energy Efficiency Markets Blog,” discusses why energy is a hot topic in this year’s election. Elisa's work has been picked up by Reuters, CNN, the New York Times and other national media. See her energy voter series on AOL Energy.   Why Energy Is a Hot Topic In This Year's Election Part 1] … [Read more...]

EE is Hot When Temperatures Are High

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Todd Recknagel, the new CEO of AM Conservation Group, which is one of the nation’s largest producers of water & energy conservation products about the increased demand for EE during the hot summer months and other trends.   EE is Hot When Temperatures Are High] … [Read more...]

Where do the presidential candidates stand on energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood August 15, 2012 We know that what a political candidate says during a campaign often differs from what the eventual office-holder does. We also know that candidates choose their words carefully to give themselves wiggle room for modifications in course. So we listen for innuendo and subtleties when candidates talk about our … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency & the rebound effect: Neither big nor bad

By Elisa Wood August 8, 2012 Now that you’ve installed efficient light bulbs in your house, do you think: “Guess I’ll leave my lights on all night. What the heck – it won’t cost me any extra.” Probably not.  But some extreme critics of energy efficiency would have us believe this is the end result of appliance standards and energy savings … [Read more...]

Occupancy-based energy management

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews  Jason Tiener, CEO of Telkonet. He explains where and how occupancy-based energy management is most helpful.   Occupancy-based energy management] … [Read more...]

Video reveals the truth about smart grid

By Elisa Wood August 1, 2012 We don’t think about energy until something goes wrong, and this week things went wrong on an historic level. As a result, the public and pundits are again focusing on the fragility of big electric grids. Ten percent of the world’s population – more than 600 million people – lost their power in India on July 31, … [Read more...]

Energy Points launches energy consumptions analytics

Lisa Cohn of RealEnergyWriters.com interviews Ory Zik, president of Energy Points, about its new application, based on feedback from its pilots with Fortune 500s and Harvard (among others). Energy Points helps businesses with energy management and planning by analyzing fuel and water usage.   Energy Points launches energy consumptions … [Read more...]