Much light, little heat efficiency

By Elisa Wood January 26, 2012 Energy efficiency in the US is much light and little heat – literally.  Government policy pays a great deal of attention to saving electricity, but focuses little on the thermal energy we waste. “Policy is electricity-centric in the US. Unless you are making kilowatts, the most efficient investments are off the … [Read more...]

The Advantages of On-Bill EE Financing

Lisa Cohn of interviews Catherine Bell, senior economic analyst at ACEEE and author of a new report from ACEEE about financing EE using a number of methods, and having these financing costs included in utility bills. She describes growth in on-bill financing, advantages, and ACEEE's recommendations for boosting the use of … [Read more...]

Three jokers in the energy deck

By Elisa Wood January 18, 2012 This is the era of Big Oil. Could the next be the era of Big Efficiency? A new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy suggests the possibility. Re-invented with today’s smart energy technologies, energy efficiency could displace 40 to 60 percent of our total energy needs by the year … [Read more...]

Monitoring Technology to Improve Data Center Efficiency

Lisa Cohn of interviews Craig Compiano, CEO of Modius, a company that provides software that optimizes the infrastructure and operations of critical facilities. He explains how using monitoring technology can significantly increase overall energy efficiency in data centers. Check out our new report on data center efficiency by … [Read more...]

Figuring out how to go green without going crazy

By Elisa Wood January 11, 2012 Utilities worry about a lot of things, such as keeping the lights on, earning a return for investors, and making regulators and customers happy with their service. Now there is a new worry: How can they protect customers from what one utility refers to as “mental fatigue?” In this particular case, the utility … [Read more...]

Best Practices for Greening Your Organization

Lisa Cohn of interviews Patrick Costello, co-author of "Data Center Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Carbon Offset Investment Best Practices - A Guide to Greening Your Organization’s Energy Consumption," about the report and why its findings apply to any organization interested in greening its operations. The report is … [Read more...]

An Easy Way to Switch to Efficient Light Bulbs

Lisa Cohn of interviews Adam Borut, co-founder of Eco Hatchery, which develops the Light Bulb Finder mobile app. It was the winner of the Best Overall App in the EPA Apps for the Environmental Challenge. An Easy Way to Switch to Efficient Light Bulbs] … [Read more...]

US beats expectations saving energy

By Elisa Wood January 4, 2012 Americans tend to beat themselves up over their imperfections. We eat too much, watch too much TV and owe China too much money. Despite all of our sloth, we can feel good about one area: our progress saving energy. A report issued this week by the Institute for Electric Efficiency found that we saved enough … [Read more...]