New direction for that federal agency whose name I can’t remember

By Elisa Wood November 17, 2011 The US Department of Energy’s reputation is now enshrined as the agency that Republican presidential contender Rick Perry wants to dismantle – if only he could remember its name. But a recent report by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences offers a different direction for the federal agency, one that may not … [Read more...]

What motivates consumers to use less energy part 1

Lisa Cohn of interviews Susan Mazur-Stommen, director of the Behavior and Human Dimensions Program for ACEEE, about her plans to radically change our programs for motivating people to conserve energy.   What motivates consumers to use less energy part 1]   … [Read more...]

Electric Vehicle that Gets the Equivalent of 300 MPG

Lisa Cohn of interviews a team of students from the West Philadelphia High School Auto Academy who were winners in the Spirit of Innovation awards for their design of an electric very light car. The car, being prepared for commercial markets, is expected to set the efficiency standard for EVs. The award program is seeking more … [Read more...]

How the NW Exceeded Its EE Goal By 25%

Lisa Cohn of interviews Bruce Measure, chairman of the Northwest Power and Planning Council, about how the Pacific Northwest achieved its biggest one-year EE gain since the efficiency program began more than 30 years ago. He also explains why he's worried the region may not see such big gains in coming years. How the NW … [Read more...]

Weatherization works: Recent reports are way off base

By Guest Blogger Stephen L. Cowell November 10, 2011 A recent article in Newsweek, “Obama’s Big Green Mess,” describes what can happen when contractors are “unfamiliar with the nuances of specialized weatherization work.”  The fact is, installing furnaces that exhaust poisonous fumes, putting in water heaters that can explode and blowing toxic … [Read more...]

Zero touch energy audit: Will it change the game?

By Elisa Wood November 2, 2011 What new energy efficiency technologies will change the game? I’d like to use this space on occasion to explore that question and get your feedback on companies that I profile. This week’s company is FirstFuel Software, which it appears could make the conventional energy building audit go the way of the buggy … [Read more...]