Your electric meter: A villain or hero?

By Elisa Wood February 23, 2011 Before energy became a hot topic, no one cared about the electric meter.  It was the box on the house we all ignored except the guy from the utility who dodged the barking dogs to take a reading from it once in awhile. It is a sign of our times that this box now inspires enough emotion for people to take to the … [Read more...]

Home solar system yields twice as much energy

Lisa Cohn of interviews Gordon Handelsman co-founder and chief marketing officer, PVT Solar, which delivers twice the energy of a traditional solar PV system by taking advantage of waste heat and delivering electricity, hot water and cooling. Home solar system yields twice as much energy] … [Read more...]

Why President Obama’s better buildings initiative doesn’t work for multifamily

Guest blog By Michael Miller You might think by this headline that I’m about to rant about the news regarding energy efficiency policy that was circulating last week. President Obama outlined a plan called the Better Buildings Initiative to incentivize energy efficiency in commercial buildings during his visit to Penn State. Actually, I want to … [Read more...]

Combined heat & power for homes

Lisa Cohn of interviews Mike Paparone, the CEO/president of ECR International, the only US manufacturer of residential micro-CHP. He describes the benefits and says this technology has a lower carbon footprint than solar power, which needs backup power. Combined heat & power for homes] … [Read more...]

Obama, better buildings and the innovators

By Elisa Wood February 9, 2011 When Obama unveiled his “Better Building Initiative” last week, it wasn’t just the usual architects, builders, and energy efficiency service companies that perked up with interest. A whole new segment of energy efficiency companies saw opportunity: the innovators. Emissaries from the high tech world, the innovators … [Read more...]

Solar-powered EV charging

Lisa Cohn interviews Desmond Wheatley, president of Envision Solar, which develops solar charging systems for vehicles and buildings. He describes the advantages of using solar power to charge electric vehicles. Solar-powered EV charging] … [Read more...]

EE: No. 2 clean industry attracting investors

Lisa Cohn of interviews Michael Butler, chairman and CEO of Cascadia Capital, who gives his financial prediction for sustainable industries in 2011. Energy Efficiency EE: No. 2 clean industry attracting investors] … [Read more...]

Where to find energy efficiency business opportunities

By Elisa Wood February 2, 2011 No one would disagree that this is a good time to be in the energy efficiency business. Another report, this one out last week, signals just how good. Conducted by Comverge, the survey of more than 100 US utilities found that 92% plan to increase their efficiency budgets by at least 10% in 2011. Comverge also found … [Read more...]