Energy efficiency and calling in the dogs

By Elisa Wood January 26, 2011 My dogs came in immediately when I called them tonight. The cookies I’ve recently begun serving up upon their return seem be making an impression.  At last they see a reason to leave behind all the fun things to chase in the woods. Yes, I’ve been slow to understand – or at least enact – the basic principle of … [Read more...]

Why new testing requirements for EE products?

Lisa Cohn from interviews Anthony Toderian, product safety expert for CSA International, a leading provider of product testing and certification services, about the need for testing of EE products, how the EPA and Energy Star are involved, and how the move toward testing will affect EE product manufacturers. Why new testing … [Read more...]

How to make energy efficiency affordable

By Elisa Wood January 19, 2011 Energy efficiency is a tortoise in the green energy race. Not glamorous like solar, wind or smart grid, it tends to plod along in the back of the pack, attracting little media attention. But being last can be a good thing; you learn from the frontrunners. Such is the case when it comes to financing. EE is beginning … [Read more...]

The growing market for LED lighting

Lisa Cohn of interviews Chad Bulman, program manager for the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, who discusses the fast-growing market for LED lighting, how and where LED is best applied and challenges to spreading the use of LED lighting. The growing market for LED lighting] … [Read more...]

Electric vehicles: A win for Detroit and EE

By Reid Smith At this week’s Detroit Auto Show, electric vehicles are on top. Two of the year’s highest-rated cars are electric. The plug-in hybrid electric Chevy Volt was awarded this year’s “Car of the Year,” just beating out the all-electric Nissan LEAF. But regardless of which car wins, the message is clear: electric cars are generating a lot … [Read more...]

Homebuyer interest in green features

Lisa Cohn of interviews Leslie Tyler, vice president of marketing for ZipRealty, about a recent survey of homebuyers. Her survey tells what percentage of surveyed homebuyers say green features are an important part of their purchasing decision. Homebuyer interest in green features] … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: The unsung hero of our times

Guest blog By Steve Cowell January 5, 2010 As our economy continues to sputter, one little-noticed industry has been booming for a while now: energy efficiency. The sector is hiring like crazy -- a fact that speaks volumes about the close relationship between clean energy and the economic recovery that we're all waiting for. Energy efficiency … [Read more...]

What’s attracting financing in EE?

Lisa Cohn of interviews Madeleine Tan, a partner in the New York office of Kaye Scholer, who works on the financing of major energy infrastructure projects. What's hot in EE right now? What’s attracting financing in EE?] … [Read more...]