Energy heads home in 2011

By Elisa Wood December 15, 2010 I have three predictions for 2011. When it comes to energy policy, austerity will be in. Therefore, energy efficiency will become a favored choice among mayors, governors, state lawmakers and Congress, as government becomes increasingly edgy about the cost of renewable energy. The infamous leaky home will … [Read more...]

Tracking the success of EE programs

How can companies provide the visibility and traceability needed to prove that their EE programs are truly making a difference? Ryan Vankessel, vice president of business development for Parachute Software and David Linton, a founder of Parachute Software, provide some input about this topic and address the growing market for tracking and … [Read more...]

Time to export energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood December 8, 2010 We keep hearing that China is going to become a really big deal in world energy markets. But it wasn’t until I read this statement by Jane Henley, CEO of the World Green Building Council, that I grasped the scope of its coming influence: "China is projected to build the equivalent of 10 New York Cities over the … [Read more...]

Controlling energy use down to the plug level

Lisa Cohn from interviews Kate Gerwe, vice president of marketing for People Power, an EE solutions company. Gerwe talks about the company Controlling energy use down to the plug level] … [Read more...]

The growing market for EE certificates part 2

Lisa Cohn of continues her interview with Chad Gottesman, president and CEO of Neuwing Energy Ventures, about EE certificates or "white tags." What are they, who buys them and what is driving the market? He talks about the role of incentives and government policy. The growing market for EE certificates part 2] … [Read more...]

Smart Grid needs a Facebook

By Elisa Wood We think we know how smart grid technology will change the utility industry. But do we really? Take a look at this documentary made in 1969. It’s a view of how the world perceived the coming Internet (It’s also a pretty amusing look at how sexist our society still was at that point.) … [Read more...]