Time to change habits, as well as light bulbs?

By Elisa Wood November 16, 2010 We are bombarded daily by advertisements selling us soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, cars, insurance, junk food, teeth whitener, diet programs, and on and on. But when was the last time someone tried to sell you on using more electricity? I cannot think of a single commercial that encourages us to plug-in, even … [Read more...]

The growing market for EE certificates part 1

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com interviews Chad Gottesman, president and CEO of Neuwing Energy Ventures, about EE certificates or "white tags." What are they, who buys them and what is driving the market? He talks about the role of incentives and government policy. The growing market for EE certificates part 1] … [Read more...]

Every company needs a corporate energy manager

Guest blog By Paul Baier Vice President of Sustainability Consulting, Groom Energy www.groomenergy.com Why do so many companies fail to capitalize on the abundant opportunities to save money through improved energy purchasing and efficiency? One reason may be the lack of high-level positions for energy management at many companies. This is a … [Read more...]

What’s Hot in EE Globally

Lisa Cohn interviews Paul Jones, a partner in IMAP UK, which is a global organization of leading middle-market merger and acquisition advisory firms providing strategic merger, acquisition and related corporate finance services. He talks about the firm's 2010 alternative energy report, which identifies growing EE markets that are attracting … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: Real estate’s next granite counter top?

By Elisa Wood November 3, 2010 A lot of good economic reasons exist to pursue energy efficiency. Still the average person tends not to. This is no surprise. If I cannot see, touch, buy, sell, trade or save efficiency, if it’s invisible, how can I pay it any real attention? Often on the vanguard, Boston-based Conservation Services Group is … [Read more...]

How EE companies can secure financing

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com interviews Michael Butler, chairman and CEO of Cascadia Capital, an investment bank that serves both private and public growth companies around the globe and has become a key player in sustainable industries. He describes what an energy efficiency company needs to secure financing, where the industry will see … [Read more...]