How efficiency makes solar affordable

By Reid Smith October 27, 2010 When solar energy companies think about how to reduce the cost of their product, typically a lot of time and money goes toward increasing the efficiency of solar panels and their manufacturing process. Reducing the production cost decreases the final cost the consumer will have to pay. However, few solar … [Read more...]

Will we see cap-and-trade in California?

Lisa Cohn of interviews Larry Goldenhersh, president and CEO of Enviance, a 10-year-old company that provides software for environmental compliance and green gas tracking. He addresses the ramifications of California's AB 32--especially its provisions calling for cap-and-trade by 2012--and efforts to repeal the law. To listen … [Read more...]

The Top EE Markets

Lisa Cohn of interviews Maurice Gunderson, senior partner for CMEA Capital, which has been investing in energy and technology for 20 years and manages $1.2 billion. He identifies the top three EE markets. To listen to the rest of this audio, visit and check out the Top Markets … [Read more...]

What political party do your electrons support?

By Elisa Wood October 20, 2010 Lucky for Americans, information technology doesn’t appear to be owned by any one political party. If it were, Congress would still be squabbling over whether or not to support the Internet and you’d be reading this on paper rather than online. Not so for energy.  Generally speaking, Republicans tend to be … [Read more...]

Are your electric rates high? Here’s the good news

By Elisa Wood October 13, 2010 If your electric rates are high, there is a silver lining. Chances are you live in a state that offers some of the greatest innovations and incentives for energy efficiency – or soon will. By taking advantage of these programs, you can reduce your bill. Take a look at the chart below that I put together after … [Read more...]

The Booming Lighting Controls Market

Lisa Cohn of interviews Danny Yu, CEO of Daintree Networks, which is a wireless lighting control company that is offering the first open-standards platform for commercial lighting controls. He explains how lighting control companies can take advantage of his platform and gives a feel for the size of the booming lighting … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency: Cure for mortgage meltdown?

By Elisa Wood October 7, 2010 My first reaction was that the Alliance to Save Energy was stretching a bit by titling its October 6 talk: “Is energy efficiency the key to recovery from the recession?” But after hearing David Goldstein’s presentation, I must admit I’m thinking about energy efficiency in a whole different way. Goldstein, author of … [Read more...]

New security guidelines for the smart grid part 2

Lisa Cohn of continues her interview with Marianne Swanson, chair of the Cyber Security Working Group and a senior advisor for information system security at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. She describes an initial set of smart grid standards and how they affect smart grid product vendors and utilities. New … [Read more...]