What’s needed to jump-start EV use part 2

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com continues her interview with Oliver Hazimeh, director of the global e-Mobility practice at the management consulting firm PRTM. He describes what's needed to jump-start and sustain the electric vehicle industry. We need to create a viable "ecosystem," he … [Read more...]

What energy efficiency type are you?

By Elisa Wood July 29, 2010 Not so long ago, consumers seemed to like energy efficiency just a little bit more than going to the dentist. Clearly that has changed, as evidenced by the recent run on appliance and home retrofit subsidies in several states. Greens are no longer alone in swooning over front loader washing machines and geothermal … [Read more...]

Energy waste the size of Japan

By Elisa Wood July 22, 2010 Here is a startling fact: US power plants waste more energy than many countries use, including advanced economies like that of Japan. The wasted energy is in the form of heat thrown off when power plants produce electricity. This is one of the points being brought to light by the International District Energy … [Read more...]

What’s Needed to Jump-Start EV Use part 1

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com interviews Oliver Hazimeh, director and head of the global e-Mobility practice at the global management consulting firm PRTM, about what's needed to jump-start the electric vehicle industry in ways that create a sustainable industry. We need to create a viable "ecosystem," he … [Read more...]

EE benefits of CHP and district energy systems

Lisa Cohn from realenergywriters.com interviews William “Bill” DiCroce, chief operating officer of Veolia Energy, about the company’s long-term agreement to operate and maintain the Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP) in Boston, which serves six world-class hospitals. He talks about the advantages of combined heat and … [Read more...]

Electrifying vehicles: A car and its drama

By Elisa Wood July 15, 2010 Who will play the lead character in Who Revived the Electric Car?, the sequel that is bound to be made to the famous documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/.  Many are vying for the role: car manufacturers, battery producers, scientists and now the Obama Administration. The … [Read more...]

International plan makes efficiency top priority

By Elisa Wood July 8, 2010 While several clean energy technologies play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, none compare to energy efficiency, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency. “Increasing energy efficiency, much of which can be achieved through low-cost options, offers the greatest potential for … [Read more...]

Improving air quality and EE

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com interviews Larry Sunshine, vice president of sales and marketing for Plasma Air, about how new code changes allow building owners and operators to save money by cleaning the air and reaping energy … [Read more...]

Smart meters: Truly a cure for energy blindness?

By Elisa Wood July 1, 2010 And now for a dose of reality. No doubt smart meters are a good thing, but even their most ardent fans must admit that a degree of hoopla surrounds these little digital boxes. We hear that if consumers can just see how much power they use in real time, and what it costs, our energy woes will be no more. Smart meters … [Read more...]

Changing behavior for energy efficiency part 2

Lisa Cohn of realenergywriters.com continues her interview with J. Michael Walker, president of Beacon Consultants Network, who describes ways to help change people :http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/EnergyEfficiencyMarketsPodcast/~3/fFLq1LP7vJE/d10accb0-a8b8-51e9-6d0c-746c5f397421.mp3"]Changing behavior for energy efficiency part 2] … [Read more...]