Is there romance in energy efficiency?

By Elisa Wood January 29, 2009 My mother told me many good reasons why I should get married. She appears to have forgotten one. It’s energy efficient. Single people – at least those without roommates – appear to be gobbling up a lot of our energy supply. In fact, one person households are a main cause of consumer energy waste, according to a … [Read more...]

Quick Climate-Change Recommendations

Lisa Cohn interviews Ken Bossong, coordinator of the Sustainable Energy Network, about the recommendations 116 businesses, organizations and activists offered President Obama on Jan 21. The recommendations are designed to quickly provide action on climate change. … [Read more...]

Customer-friendly demand response

EE Markets' Lisa Cohn interviews Paul Tyno, executive vice president of program development for Energy Curtailment Specialists about its PowerPay! Program, an Energy Efficiency Markets' 2008 contest winner. He also discusses demand-response market trends. … [Read more...]

Energy efficiency’s $1 trillion identity

By Elisa Wood January 22, 2009 The energy efficiency industry is a bit like the orphan who grows up to discover his long-lost parents left him a fortune. The industry suffers from an identity crisis, says a report by the American Solar Energy Society. What is energy efficiency? Insulating attics? Demand response? Plug-in hybrids? Led lights? … [Read more...]

Retire the clunker?

By Elisa Wood January 15, 2009 What would it take to convince you to get rid of your gas-guzzling old clunker? Would $5,500 do? Some members of Congress think this is the magic figure. Under a bill introduced in the House and Senate today, Uncle Sam would give you a credit of up to $5,500 to scrap your old car. You could spend the credit on a … [Read more...]

How EE Will Benefit From The Recession

Lisa Cohn of Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Scott Sklar, founder and president of The Stella Group and Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition. Energy efficiency will likely grow even more than it would have without a recession because of the strong efficiency stipulations outlined in the federal economic stimulus … [Read more...]

Making Obama’s infrastructure plan “smart” part 2

Making Obama's infrastructure plan "smart" part 2 Energy Efficiency Markets continues its conversation with Saifur Rahman, vice president of new initiatives and outreach for IEEE Power and Energy Society. He's back to talk about President-elect Barack Obama's proposals to invest in infrastructure … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Markets chooses its favorites of 2008

By Reid Smith January 8, 2009 We appreciate the entries submitted for Energy Efficiency Markets’ first annual ‘best of’ contest. It is difficult to select winners in an industry that is burgeoning with innovation. We hope you find our selections as intriguing as we did. Please continue to email us ( about interesting … [Read more...]