Making Obama’s infrastructure plan “smart” part 1

Energy Efficiency Markets continues its conversation with Saifur Rahman, vice president of new initiatives and outreach for IEEE Power and Energy Society. He's back to talk about President-elect Barack Obama's proposals to invest in infrastructure … [Read more...]

Will support for efficiency hold in 2009?

By Elisa Wood December 18, 2008 The stars are aligned to make 2009 a good year for energy efficiency -- or at least, most of the stars. President-Elect Barack Obama has assembled an energy team that supports clean technologies. Most notably, Obama named Steven Chu as energy secretary on December 15. Chu is a Nobel Prize winner and director of the … [Read more...]

Front-load washers: Leaky solar panels revisited?

By Elisa Wood December 11, 2008 Some days I’d like to throw my front-load clothes washer out the back door. But that probably won’t be necessary because it may walk out on its own. The LG product shakes and rattles so much in the spin cycle that it ‘walks’ several inches across the floor each day. One guest to my kitchen thought we were … [Read more...]

Advances in waste-to-ethanol commercialization

Arnold Klann, president and CEO of BlueFire Ethanol, explains how his company makes cellulosic ethanol out of municipal waste and other waste. He projects what the future of cellulosic ethanol will look like in the US and how it will be distributed. … [Read more...]

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and combined heat & power

By Elisa Wood Dec. 4, 2008 The universe contains many mysteries. A big one for me is: Why doesn’t the United States use more combined heat and power (CHP)? It requires an energy geek, of course, to even ask that question. Most of the world knows nothing about CHP, even when referenced by its other name: cogeneration. So it was heartening to see … [Read more...]

How To Convince Consumers to Save Energy

Why are people willing to buy a Toyota Prius but less likely to buy energy efficient lightbulbs? EE Markets interviews Suzanne Shelton, CEO of the Shelton group, which recently conducted its fourth annual Energy Pulse study looking at consumer attitudes about saving energy. She gives tips for convincing consumers to conserve. … [Read more...]