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Clean energy, jobs and the real estate market

By Elisa Wood November 20, 2008 President-elect Barack Obama wants to create five million new green jobs over the next decade. This is a big goal, but in line with what clean energy industry advocates see as possible. An upcoming international report provides some solid perspective on why green initiatives make for good job building … [Read more...]


Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Saifur Rahman, vice president of new initiatives and outreach for IEEE Power and Energy Society, about how President-elect Obama … [Read more...]

Franchising distributed energy plants abroad

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Firas Ahmad, director of U.S. business development for Emergence BioEnergy. He explains how Emergence BioEnergy installs simple biowaste burners with sterling engines in developing countries where electricity is unreliable. He hopes to develop a franchise-like system that will allow individuals to own systems … [Read more...]

Lower energy prices: Now you see them, now you don’t

By Elisa Wood November 13, 2008 When combined with efficiency, solar homes can achieve ‘net zero’ – they consume no more energy than they produce. It is likely we will see a growing number of net zero homes built as more states reach what is called ‘grid parity’ – the cost of solar energy becomes no higher than the power we buy from our utility. … [Read more...]

How Obama’s energy policies will affect industries

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Mark Breuker, director of client solutions for Advantage IQ, which provides facility information and expense management services. He provides an overview of how President-elect Barack Obama's energy policies will affect industries and how they use energy. … [Read more...]

A new EE resource: Distributed people

By Elisa Wood November 6, 2008 Energy efficiency is often described as the invisible resource. It improves our energy supply without any of the usual industry trappings: smokestacks, wind turbines, transmission lines and poles. This is one of its virtues. But efficiency’s invisibility also causes problems. Because it operates out of sight – … [Read more...]