Energy Efficiency Business and Reaching New Markets, Part 1

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Steve Wunker, senior partner with Innosight, which advises businesses about entering new markets. He discusses the strategic side of entering new markets for companies that offer energy efficiency technologies. He recommends that expanding businesses avoid chasing big name customers initially and instead seek … [Read more...]

Efficiency’s Role in Carbon Cap-and-Trade

By Elisa Wood August 28, 2008 We hear a lot about how efficiency will play an increasingly important role as the United States undertakes efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But how does that play out in a practical sense under cap-and-trade programs? The Offset Quality Initiative provides insight in a new white paper on greenhouse gas … [Read more...]

Eastern States Ready for Big EE Boost

By Lisa Cohn August 21, 2008 Several eastern states will see a large injection of cash for energy efficiency after the nation’s first mandatory auction of carbon dioxide allowances September 25. The auction marks the United States entry into the world of capping and trading carbon dioxide emissions. Ten states are participating in the program, … [Read more...]

How Companies Benefit from Carbon Footprint Reduction

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Mark Breuker, director of energy consulting for Advantage IQ, a comprehensive expense management and an energy and environmental solution service for multi-site companies. He explains how companies can measure and reduce their carbon footprint in order to receive carbon credits, which are quickly becoming a hot … [Read more...]

New Technology to Implement Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Susan Haifleigh, director of sustainability solutions with VFA Incorporated in Boston, Mass. She discusses how to use technology to implement energy efficiency. The latest technology in newer buildings, for example, can monitor the amount of energy used by each boiler in real time from a control room. … [Read more...]

Why it is so Hard – and so Important – To Increase Distributed Resources

By Lisa Cohn August 14, 2008 If distributed resources are such a good idea, why don’t we build more of them? A report released this week by Tufts University sheds some light on the answer. Despite all of the talk about the efficiency they bring to the grid, resources like solar energy and combined heat and power still face significant regulatory … [Read more...]

Reducing Hospital Costs through Efficiency

The energy and healthcare industries share a mutual woe. Both are experiencing meteoric price increases. The Alliance to Save Energy projects a household’s energy costs will be about $6,300 this year, representing about 13% of median pre-tax earnings. Meanwhile, the National Coalition on Health Care reports that medical costs rose 6.9%— two times … [Read more...]

Increasing Car EE by Using Plastics

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Jim Kolb, senior director of automotive programs for the plastics division of the American Chemistry Council. He discusses how plastics are used for light-weighting cars for energy efficiency. Contrary to popular belief, lightweight cars are not necessarily small and often rival the safety of their … [Read more...]