Public Power Seizes New Energy Efficiency Opportunities pt.1

Mark Crisson, CEO of the American Public Power Association, discusses how the public power business model lends itself to efficiency efforts. He describes APPA's new partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, and its plans to help expand energy efficiency offerings for the 2,000 not-for-profit utilities it serves. … [Read more...]

How Long Will Efficiency Be the Favored Choice?

By Elisa Wood June 26, 2008 Energy efficiency creates an odd sort of market. Nothing (lack of energy use) competes for customers against something (energy generation). There is no free lunch and even nothing, energy efficiency, costs something. But for now it is cheaper than its main competitor, the power plant. In fact, it is often three times … [Read more...]

CHP Gains Stature as Efficiency Measure

By Elisa Wood June 19, 2008 Combined heat and power is a form of alternative energy that has been available for many decades. Yet it’s remained below the radar screen in policy discussion about our energy future. However, it appears to be gaining new stature as lawmakers and regulators seek ways to make energy use more efficient. Also called … [Read more...]

ConEd’s View of EE Trends and Demand

Jorge Lopez, president and CEO of ConEdison Solutions, which recently acquired Custom Energy Services, addresses demand and trends in energy efficiency. He identifies EE "hot spots" in the U.S., and describes innovative trends in LED lighting and demand response. … [Read more...]

Overcoming the dirty secret of clean energy

By Elisa Wood June 12, 2008 A dirty secret of clean energy is that being green can be an expensive pursuit. The cost of solar panels and hybrid cars is declining, but they remain too expensive for many people. As a result, the green energy movement is often viewed as an upper-income trend in the United States. But a recent survey indicates energy … [Read more...]

Innovative EE policies in France and Italy

Nick Brass, CEO of CoolNRG USA, describes policies in France and Italy that allow for companies like CoolNRG USA to implement innovative EE programs. He contrasts them to US policies, which often present stumbling blocks to innovation, he says. … [Read more...]

Are the Number Crunchers Forgetting About Energy Efficiency?

By Elisa Wood June 4, 2008 What is good news for the environment is often bad news for the economy. Or least that’s the conventional wisdom. The thinking is bolstered by government findings that industrial activity and Gross Domestic Product will drop if the nation adopts a leading proposal before Congress to reduce greenhouse gases. … [Read more...]

Scoring Canada’s Effort to Achieve Greater Efficiency

Ken Elsey, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, tells Energy Efficiency Markets about the exponential growth in support for efficiency in Canada. The nation is increasing its pursuit of cogeneration, demand response, better appliance standards and efficient lighting and building practices. Exactly how well Canada is doing … [Read more...]