What price motivates customers to save energy?

By Elisa Wood May 29, 2008 “Are we there yet?” We’ve heard that refrain often over the last couple of years. No, not from our kids in the backseat of the car, but from energy observers wondering exactly how much price pain the consumer will take before cutting back significantly on use. Two reports circulating this week indicate that we have … [Read more...]

Demand Response in Regulated and Unregulated Markets

Ken Schisler, senior director, regulatory affairs for EnerNOC, a demand response firm, explains the difference between demand response programs in regulated and unregulated markets. In competitive regions, DR adapts to requirements created by regional transmission organizations, while in regulated markets DR companies tailor programs to meet … [Read more...]

Report Reveals Unusual EE Market Pattern

By Elisa Wood “Big dogs eat first” is a phrase often used to describe energy markets. That is, expect large energy consumers – usually manufacturers -- to be the first at the plate to take advantage of any economic benefits. But a recent report suggests that when it comes to energy efficiency, householders may nudge the Mastiffs out of the way. The … [Read more...]

Making it Easy to Find EE Products

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Duane Hallowell, president and CEO of Hallowell International, about how to make it easy for consumers to locate energy efficient products. EE companies need to tap into conventional dealer networks and other Yellow-page type services. … [Read more...]

Big Energy Efficiency Vote Due From Small Commission

By Reid Smith The European Union (EU) isn’t shy about implementing aggressive energy policy. In January, for example, the EU passed a proposal for Climate Action that includes an overall binding target of 20% renewable energy by 2020, according to the European Commission. The US, on the other hand continues to shy away from aggressive energy … [Read more...]

The Challenges of Implementing EE in the US

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Nick Brass, chief executive, CoolNRG USA Inc., about the challenges--especially from utilities and regulators--his company faces implementing energy efficiency in the US. He explains how the process is much more streamlined in other countries, and how it could be improved in the US. … [Read more...]

Think Gas Prices Are High? Electricity is Next.

By Elisa Wood Today’s interest in energy efficiency may be nothing compared to tomorrow’s, if power prices rise as much as expected. One of the biggest price drivers, at this point, appears to be greenhouse gas restrictions, which Congress is expected to enact. It’s not clear yet exactly what the rules will be. But a federal analysis of a leading … [Read more...]

Policy That Could Revolutionize EE, Part 2

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Steve Cowell, CEO of Conservation Services Group, about policy initiatives that could revolutionize energy efficiency. Part Two of Two Parts. … [Read more...]

The Rebound Effect: Does Energy Efficiency Actually Lead to More Energy Use?

By Elisa Wood You’re about to buy a computer, and you see that newer models are more energy efficient than your old one. That’s great news! Now you can leave it on all night, saving the bother of powering it up in the morning. Maybe you’ll end up using a few more watts, but who’s counting? Maybe no one – but perhaps someone should. This phenomenon … [Read more...]

Policy That Could Revolutionize EE

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Steve Cowell, CEO of Conservation Services Group, about policy initiatives that could revolutionize energy efficiency. Part One of Two Parts. … [Read more...]