Efficiency Guru: The Behind-the-Scenes EE Revolution

By Reid Smith & Elisa Wood When consumers open their electric bills and see rates going up and up, it’s natural for them to ask, “Why isn’t anything being done?” Truth is, an enormous behind-the-scenes revolution is taking place when it comes to energy efficiency. To get an inside look, we recently spoke with one of the industry’s long-time … [Read more...]

Why Companies Strive To Satisfy Customers With EE

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Brandi McManus, energy services manager for TAC, which provides energy, building automation and security solutions. She discusses how legislation, including the Kyoto Protocol, affects how businesses view energy efficiency in the US. Even though the US hasn't yet ratified the Kyoto Protocol, global … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency: Not a Sound Bite Business

By Elisa Wood I’m a star at the neighborhood playground because I write about energy. Let me explain. I have a young son, and often find myself next to the swings talking with other parents. Inevitably we talk about work. Inevitably it comes up that I know a little about energy. And inevitably I'm surrounded by a crowd that wants to know-- demands … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Certifying Buildings as Green

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Aaron Nelson--project director for the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado and a U.S. Green Building Council LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited professional--about how building owners can save money and attract clientele by following the LEED energy guidelines. He explains … [Read more...]

How to Find “White Tag” Markets

By Elisa Wood Doing business in the US can be a crazy venture if you’re an international company trying to make inroads. Europeans often say it’s like learning the rules of 50 different countries. This is because important energy policy decisions are often made by state governments. It looks like the emerging “white tag” market for energy … [Read more...]

The Societal Benefits of Demand Response Programs

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast Interviews David Brewster, president and co-founder of EnerNOC Inc. He explains that up to 10% of the capacity of US power plants and transmission infrastructure is used solely to provide energy during peak (high-demand) periods that occur 1% of the time. Demand-response programs like EnerNOC … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Incentives for Businesses

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Bob Hinkle, vice president of MMA Renewable Ventures' Energy Efficiency Business Unit, about how businesses can take advantage of energy efficiency incentives offered by state and local governments and utilities. He also describes technical assistance programs offered by the U.S. Department of Energy … [Read more...]

Rhode Island: Little State, Big Energy Efficiency Opportunity

By Lisa Cohn Rhode Island is often the butt of jokes about its size, a lot of them having to do with an inability among residents to screw in electric light bulbs. But when it comes to energy policy, the state has often loomed large, even if few people notice. For example, it was Rhode Island that led the way with electric industry restructuring … [Read more...]