Using Kyoto Protocol To Invest in EE in The Ukraine

The Ukraine has one of the most inefficient and environmentally polluting economies in the world. Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Ken Bossong, co-director of the Ukrainian-American Environmental Association about how U.S. businesses can use the mechanisms in the Kyoto Protocol to invest in energy efficiency projects and help clean up … [Read more...]

Is Today’s Interest in Efficiency a Blip?

By Elisa Wood Political leaders push energy efficiency when electricity rates spike, then drop it like a hot potato when prices fall. So how long will the current interest last? Three reports out this week indicate power prices will not ease any time soon. Indeed, forces are in place to only push costs higher. One force is the renewable portfolio … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Moves Into The Board Room

Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast interviews Brandi McManus, energy services manager for TAC, which provides energy, building automation and security solutions. Today … [Read more...]

Negawatts Beat Megawatts in New England

By Lisa Cohn Energy efficiency advocates have argued for years that a negawatt is cheaper than a megawatt. That is, it is less costly to install energy efficiency equipment and reduce consumption than to build new power plants. In New England, the premise was recently tested, and the results should hearten anyone in the efficiency business. ISO … [Read more...]

Energy Efficient Ships: Cutting Big Waste

Just sitting in port, ships use 10-11 megawatts of electricity … [Read more...]