A Green Apple for the Teacher

By Lisa Cohn By news accounts Barack Obama is all the rage on college campuses these days. But there is another less reported campus movement that could considerably boost the energy efficiency industry. College students nationwide have mounted a serious campaign to clean up the nation’s energy supply. And they are starting in their own backyards – … [Read more...]

Energy Waste In Information Technology

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Matt Heinz, senior director of marketing for Verdiem, Seattle, a PC power management company. He tells us that energy usage in the commercial sector is expected to increase 75 % by 2030. Information Technology (IT) energy consumption alone is expected to double by 2021. What's more, the typical personal computer … [Read more...]

Maryland and the Electron-Hungry Mob

By Elisa Wood Governments remain in power as long as the people have enough food, or so the old adage goes. But in today’s appliance-driven society, political longevity may depend as much on giving us our daily share of electrons. So it is little surprise that government leaders in Maryland are looking hard for ways to ward off a possible power … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency: A Bubble or a Vacuum?

By Elisa Wood No one much likes hearing their industry may be in a bubble. Bubbles burst and it hurts. We’re seeing that now in housing. So it’s understandable that clean energy companies aren’t exactly happy that economist Eric Janszen (itulip.com) says their industry may experience the next bubble. Apparently, clean energy is exhibiting … [Read more...]

The Save A Watt Program: Boosting Utility EE

Energy Efficiency Markets interviews Carol Mulholland, a principal consultant at PA Consulting Group, based in Arlington, Va. who has been working in energy efficiency for 20 years. She explains how Duke Energy’s new “Save A Watt” program--recently approved by the North Carolina Utilities Commission—helps overcome a major obstacle to implementing … [Read more...]

How To Profit from Energy Efficiency Programs

Longtime energy writer Elisa Wood explains how businesses can make money taking part in Energy Efficiency programs. She explains the economic and societal benefits of "demand response" programs. How To Profit from Energy Efficiency Programs] … [Read more...]

Utilities: Friends of Foes of Energy Efficiency?

By Elisa Wood With oil prices so high, talk again has turned to making the U.S. more energy efficient. In the power industry, utilities have been typically charged with this mission. Or to more aptly describe it, they have gotten dragged, kicking and screaming, into helping their customers use less electricity. You can’t blame them for resisting. … [Read more...]