Small Power, Big Grid: NRDC Series on Distributed Energy and Transmission

distributed energy and transmission

NRDC's Allison Clements looks at the relationship between distributed energy and transmission in this excerpt from her blog series on the topic. Clements says that a huge opportunity exists in the U.S. to save money and reduce emissions by capturing distributed energy in regional load forecasting. To ensure reliable and affordable service to … [Read more...]

The Untapped Potential of Community Energy Storage

community energy storage

Robin Roy, an NRDC consultant, explains why community energy storage often falls between the gaps in federal energy policy and what can be done about the problem. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) hosted a well-attended Capitol Hill briefing last week on the Community Storage Initiative, aimed at making tomorrow’s electricity grid cleaner and … [Read more...]

Good News for Microgrids from California Climate Bills

good news for microgrids

California's passage of two aggressive climate bills offers good news for microgrids, since they can act as levers to help the state reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Once again, the state has led the climate change battle, this time with last week's passage by the state legislature of the two bills, SB 32 and AB 197. The bills aim to reduce … [Read more...]

Clean Energy Communities: NY’s New Program Helps Localities Lead the Way

clean energy communities

New York has launched a new Clean Energy Communities program that offers technical guidance and funds to help localities become more sustainable. NRDC's Donna DeCostanzo offers details. New York’s counties, cities, towns and villages now have additional support when it comes to advancing clean energy and combating climate change at home. It … [Read more...]

Future Microgrids: How New York Can Drive the Electric Vehicle Market

future microgrids

Depictions of future microgrids often include fleets of electric vehicles. What will it take to bring about this future? NRDC's Luke Tonachel and Miles Farmer describe how New York, a microgrid leader, can become an EV leader as well. Through its much-discussed Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) effort to modernize our electric system for the … [Read more...]

Community Energy Storage Storage for Cleaner, Lower-Cost Electricity

More and more utilities, equipment manufacturers, and others are working to develop energy storage in households and businesses that can help make the electricity grid cleaner and cheaper. And many of these are eager to share their experiences and insights, as shown by the enthusiastic response to the “Community Storage Initiative,” which has … [Read more...]

New Study Concludes Getting 50% of NY's Electricity from Renewable Sources by 2030 is a Net Win

NRDC's Jackson Morris looks at the low cost and high value of procuring 50 percent of New York's electricity from renewable sources. In December, when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed the state's Public Service Commission (PSC) to create a Clean Energy Standard (CES) that ensures New York gets 50 percent of its electricity from renewable … [Read more...]

Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty for Energy Efficiency Now that the Clean Power Plan Has Been Delayed?

NRDC's Dylan Sullivan details why the 'glass' for energy efficiency is not only half full but may be overflowing, despite the recent court stay on the U.S. Clean Power Plan. Is energy efficiency's glass half-full or half-empty after the U.S. Supreme Court's recent stay of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which limits power plant carbon dioxide … [Read more...]

California Sets World's Strongest Energy Efficiency Standards for Small Directional Light Bulbs

NRDC's Noah Horowitz explains new light bulb energy efficiency standards in California that are expected to cut the state's annual electricity bill by more than $400 million. The California Energy Commission (CEC) made history again today when it set minimum energy efficiency standards for small diameter directional light bulbs used for accent, … [Read more...]

Surprise (Or Not): Saving Energy Saves Energy

What do you say to those who claim that saving energy is a waste of time because of the rebound effect? NRDC's David Goldstein and Sierra Martinez explain research that shows saving energy does in fact save energy. Stanford and Berkeley researchers recently found that energy-saving devices, like more efficient electrical appliances and better … [Read more...]