New Microgrid Testing Facility in Colorado to Offer Flexible Plug-And-Play

microgrid testing

A new private microgrid testing facility in Colorado will offer a pay, plug and play alternative to government labs that it hopes will attract innovators worldwide. Managed by MRIGlobal, GridNXT is slated to open in the first quarter of 2017 on 1,900 acres near Denver. The microgrid facility evolved out of what began as SolarTAC, which … [Read more...]

EarthSpark’s Haiti Microgrid “Fared Comparatively Well” in Hurricane Matthew & Other News

Haiti microgrid

EarthSpark Team Seeks Help Restoring Haiti Microgrid A team from EarthSpark, a non-profit that has developed a microgrid in Haiti, was caught in the hard-hit area of Les Anglais where Hurricane Matthew made landfall earlier this month. The team is safe, and they are now repairing the Les Anglais microgrid which they said fared comparatively … [Read more...]

Efficient Motors: 50% to 80% More Efficient, Same Cost as Older Technologies

Energy efficient motors can cut energy costs by 50 percent to 80 percent compared to older technologies. Even better, they can do that at the same cost as motors that use old-style technologies. That's the word from PJ Piper, president and CEO of QM Power, in this podcast interview. Click on the player above to listen. In the interview, he … [Read more...]